Shock Rattles Local Mother When She Realizes Her Three-Year-Old Can Poop On The Potty After All.

ANGUS, Ontario—Local mother of three boys (who pee everywhere) was shocked last Tuesday when her youngest son, Alexander (3, acts like 33), proceeded to poop on the potty. Many people would not find this news particularly shocking but as reported from his mother, he has spent many months now dramatically claiming that he “will never go on the potty. NO”. Amy Kiezebrink (37, feels like 73) was astounded to find her three-year-old happily showing her a very large poop that he had produced out of nowhere last week.

“After he turned three, I begrudgingly thought that it was time to potty train. I really wasn’t looking forward to it” she admits. “I’ve trained two boys before and each time required a large amount of therapy afterwards.” Her usual method of a gummy bear reward system while simultaneously letting them go about their day without pants was the plan again this time around. However it usually took many accidents in the worst places before any success was made.

The day in question, Kiezebrink noticed her son was quiet and, being a mother of boys, knew that this was a potentially dangerous thing. She found him sitting on the potty grinning up at her saying “I just pooed! It looks like a snake! Can I have two gummies?” Kiezebrink thankfully only drinks decaf coffee as the excitement and shock at the same time would have simply been too much. After claiming his reward of two gummy bears, Alexander went about his day as if nothing happened.

“It just seemed way too easy.” Kiezebrink claims shaking her head in disbelief. “I figured it was just luck of the draw that he happened to be sitting there while one slipped out. I had a hard time believing that he felt it coming and ran to the potty; it just doesn’t sound like any of my sons would do.” But sure enough the rest of the week (provided he was pant-less), Alexander continued to use the potty every time he had to go. Each time he would claim his two gummy bears and then carry on with what he was doing.

Kiezebrink still remains cautiously optimistic about the whole affair but is going to continue in hopes that the miracle is in fact real. That finally, by son #3 she’s got the horror that is potty-training actually mastered. Or she just got lucky. While this is most likely the case, it is still a cause for celebration. When asked if she planned on having anymore children she gave us a look of such horror that we immediately retracted the question fearing for our lives.

Not only is this new development doing wonders for the mental health of this mom but also proving to be astounding for the environment. Waste consumption in the Kiezebrink household has gone down 50% from the major decrease in diaper usage and hot water from pant laundering.

“I just feel so free!” laughs Kiezebrink. “Once we’re completely out of diapers, I have no idea what we’re going to do with all of this spare cash. Maybe take a trip or hire a full-time housekeeper! The possibilities are endless!” she exclaims giddily.

Either way, we wish this mom and her beautiful family all the best. We also hope to soon see Alexander wearing pants again and the family Diaper Genie for sale on Facebook Marketplace. We hope that our readers find comfort in this story and we wish all moms the best during the trying times of potty-training. Stay positive, believe in miracles and keep a good supply of gummy bears and Lysol wipes on hand!

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