From Terrible Twos to Thankless Threes.

Dear Son #3 (AKA Baby A),

This is it. My journey—our journey actually—is almost over. Some things I’ll miss, some things I most definitely won’t. It is a well-known fact that the “Terrible Twos” have a reputation for being just that, terrible. Most likely because two is the age where you’re not a baby anymore, but you’re still not at big boy status. It’s a confusing, frustrating, and all-around tough time for the one going through it, not the mention the Moms who are trying to survive it. But let’s be honest, this post isn’t about us it’s about you so I digress. From what I can imagine, the worst thing about being two is the constant stream of “no” or “you can’t” from anyone in any type of higher position than you. Which is basically everyone.

“No, you can’t pee on the floor.”

“No, you can’t have a brownie for breakfast.”

“No, you can’t go outside with no coat, it’s -40.”

“No, you can’t stay up late watching movies.”

“No, you can’t eat PlayDoh or markers.”

“No, you can’t tickle the fish.”

“No, you can’t drive my van.”

“No, you can’t use our bidet to wash your bum.”

An endless stream of roadblocks when all you’re trying to do is make a life for yourself in this big world. It’s tough, I get it. And in your case, you have two bossy older brothers telling you what to do too. The struggle is real.

So I understand how you and others in your age bracket feel the need to express yourself in both pleasant and incredibly unpleasant ways. No one ever takes the time to tell you what you CAN do. No one ever tells you yes. Well that, my son, is about to change.

“Yes, you can walk down the road in a dinosaur costume.”

“Yes, you can snuggle Mommy, you’ll never be too big for that.”

“Yes, you can put your boots on and jump in those puddles.”

“Yes, you can stick your tongue out in every single photo.”

“Yes, you can watch Paw Patrol this afternoon, even though you’ve memorized the lines.”

“Yes, you can slide down the slide headfirst.”

“Yes, you can have peanut butter on toast for breakfast until the end of time.”

“Yes, we can read Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes for the 839,723rd time. I would love to”

See? Not all no’s, I got your back little man.

In many ways I am sad that my journey as a mother of a “Terrible Two” is almost complete with tomorrow being the big day where we embark on the “Thankless Threes”. Tomorrow we will eat cake, open presents and yes, you can wear a birthday hat and whatever costume you want. Tomorrow nothing really changes, you’ll wake up in the same bed, get to choose from the same clothes and have the same peanut butter on toast for your breakfast. I’ll still say the same no to 95% of your questions and the same yes to the not-so-ridiculous 5%. I will still try to lead you down the right path and will still make you angry, upset, and frustrated; but I hope you find some solace in the fact that I sometimes feel the same. One thing I will always say no to though is this:

“No, you cannot stop being you. Never ever. Always be you.”

Happy Birthday Baby A, we love you.

Love Mommy,


P.S. No, I don’t think we’ll ever stop calling you Baby A. Sorry.

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