The top 10 Valentine’s gifts you can give all year long. You’re welcome.

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,  

Boys, let’s talk love. It’s Valentine’s Day today, hence why Pieter’s been slaving away every day writing Valentine’s cards. Each card more painful (for me) than the next. But one day you will thank me when you have legible handwriting. Moving back on topic though, what is Valentine’s Day? Well, it actually represents a pretty dark and gory time back in the day… so how it’s turned into a lovey-dovey commercialized holiday where the price of flowers increase by 1000-fold is beyond me. And if you ever find yourself in a relationship during Valentine’s Day there is much to be expected of you in the form of chocolates and flowers and public messages of undying love yah-dee-yah-dee.  

However, Daddy and I have been married for almost 15 years and I can count on probably one hand the amount of tangible “Valentine’s” gifts I have been given for Valentine’s Day. And you know what? I can honestly say, that I don’t care. Because over the years he has shown his love in more ways that I can ever hope to count. That’s what I want you boys to do when you get to that point.  

Many, many, many, many years from now of course. 

Because being a good man to your woman is so much more than remembering to buy overpriced flowers on Valentine’s Day. What I want you to remember all year long (not just February 14th) are just some of the things that have served your Daddy well over the years.  

  1. Just let her sleep in sometimes. Take care of the kids, the dog, the guinea pig whatever, and just let her sleep in. And do it QUIETLY.  
  1. Make a meal. And make an effort. I don’t care what meal and I don’t care when, but do it often, make it a good one, and try not to burn the house down.  
  1. Say “I Love You”. Every single day. Multiple times.  
  1. Do the stinking dishes. It’s not going to kill you.  
  1. Take her out for a date occassionally. No, a trip to Home Depot doesn’t count. A real one.  
  1. Make sure she gets out with her friends – WITHOUT kids/dog/guinea pig. You can keep them alive for a day, a night, a weekend. I have the upmost faith.  
  1. Listen to her. Trust me, there is nothing more annoying than talking to a brick wall that looks like your significant other. Plus, it will always come back to bite you in the arse if you don’t.  
  1. Ask her how her day was. I don’t care if it was hideously boring and she talks about it for a half hour. You asking is what really makes the difference.  
  1. Shovel off her car. There’s nothing better in the morning when it’s minus a million coming out to a snow-free vehicle.  
  1. Clean up your damn hair shavings. Because that right there my boy, is a job she does NOT want to do.  

Now, just for the record, NONE of these get you a free pass for birthdays or anniversaries. You get your little buns to the mall and you get that woman something nice and potentially sparkly.

Happy Valentine’s Day my boys (and to especially Daddy) and don’t forget all the intangible ways to say “I love you”, all year long.  

Love Mommy,  


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2 thoughts on “The top 10 Valentine’s gifts you can give all year long. You’re welcome.”

  1. Your 3 boys have an excellent example of how to treat a female regardless of it being Valentines day or not !
    keep doing what you are doing and your love and blessings will continue to grow.


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