This Mother’s Day, thank YOU sons!

Dear Son #1 & #2,
Mother’s Day is tomorrow and, from what Hallmark tells us, it’s a time to thank your mom for everything that she does. All the boo boos she kisses, the bums she wipes, the books she reads, and most importantly; the questions she asks.
  • What’s that [smell/taste/sound]?
  • Why is that [wet/dirty/all over the floor]?
  • Why are you [awake/crying/whining/screaming]?
  • Why is your brother [awake/crying/whining/ screaming]?
  • Why is your [breakfast/lunch/dinner] on the floor?
  • What is your [snot/drool/pee] doing on my [pants/bedspread/clean laundry]?
  • What’s on your [hands/feet/face]?
  • What’s on your brother’s [hands/feet/face]?
  • What did you just put in the [toilet/garbage/ pool]?
  • What are you [doing/eating/coloring on]?
Regardless of what answer I get to these questions, I’ll be very sad when the day comes when I no longer need to ask them. So this Mother’s Day, I’d like to thank you not only for the breakfast in bed I’m surely going to get, but for always keeping me guessing.
Love Mommy,

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