I have a dream. Or actually just a few intentions.

Dear Son #1, 2 & 3,

Happy New Year!! I hope you enjoyed New Year’s Eve since we put you to bed at 7:30 then rang in the new year with friends. Better than all five of us being tired and testy New Year’s Day at least. A popular thing to do at New Years’ (other than eat 12 grapes under a table by 12:01pm or have bad luck for the year) is to set New Year’s resolutions. Something I really hate. Not only are resolutions so much pressure but they are usually non-measurable, too vague, impossible and never happen. So instead, inspired by fellow bloggers, I am going to share with you a list of intentions for myself for the coming year. If I don’t make them all, oh well, know that I had the best intentions to!

Foster the mind

Read more fiction and autobiographies/memoirs. I like those and I like reading.

Schedule less, stay home more and give ours minds time to just be. That’s a big intention for us I know, but I think we can do it together.

Learn how to make pastry from scratch.

Teach you how to do more household chores, yes that’s beneficial for you too my friends.

Complete the books “Tell it Slant” and “The Artist’s Way” in the study groups.

Try one new recipe a month. And boys, maybe you could try something other than KD and chicken nuggets once a month.

D.E.C.L.U.T.T.E.R the house which will in turn declutter our minds.

Nourish the body

Incorporate a fruit or vegetable in every meal. Fries are a veggie right?

Show love instead of disgust when I look in the mirror.

Drink more water and less wine. So it’ll help if there’s less whine from you guys.

Get outside every day. Unless it’s -30, then we’ll try sledding down the stairs Home Alone style.

Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I’m not talking anything extreme here, just so that we actually make the school bus every morning instead of 65% of the mornings.

Workout in some way shape or form four times a week.

Feed the soul

Be more present, in the moment and less caught in the mindless act of scrolling.

Pray every day. (“Dear God, give me strength” doesn’t count).

Be a more spontaneous mom – there are a million asterisks behind this one by the way.

Regroup instead of react. That means taking a deep breath before my head spins off my body as you miss the toilet. Again.

Accept the daily mess and chaos of life with little boys. Breathe in, breathe out.

Embrace imperfection, and teach you to do the same.

And of course, write

Write something that will not be shared with others. Something just for me. Most likely with instructions to burn it when I die.

Send out four newsletters this year – one for every season.

Write at least one blog post a month and participate in at least three Exhale blog hops.

Submit at least one essay.

Write at least two free writes a month.

Know this boys, my most important intention that I strive for every year is to the best mom for you that I can be.
Am I going to lose my temper sometimes? Yup.
Am I going to be unfair? Yup.
Am I going to make mistakes? Yup.
Am I going to be perfect? Nope.
Am I going to love you completely, all conditionally forever and ever? Absolutely.

Happy 2023 boys!

Love Mommy,


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