Joy to the world!

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3, 

Would you look at that, a beautiful mother/children moment that I had concocted in my imagination did not go to plan. And I’m sorry, it’s not your fault, it’s mine. In my head I had conjured up a beautiful scene of all of us putting up Christmas decorations together, happily listening to Christmas carols and bonding over a beautifully decorated house, what the heck, maybe making gingerbread cookies too. The magic was indescribable. Hard to believe, I know, but this isn’t really the way it played out. Shortly after taking every breakable decoration I own and spreading them over the floors and countertops and taking off every ornament I placed on the tree, you were banished to downstairs. But, as with many things, there was good that came of it, I was able to make you another Christmas song for you.

Merry Christmas my boys and let’s try again next year, but don’t get your hopes up. 😉

Joy to the world! The tree is up
It only took all day!
Let every child, feel like they’re helping.
And Mommy lets them help
And Mommy lets them help
And Mommy, sweet Mommy lets them help.

Oh heaven help us! The box is opened
And all the ornaments are everywhere!
While few make it
on to the tree
Mommy’s trying hard
Mommy’s trying hard
Oh Mommy, dear Mommy is trying hard.

She tries her best! To keep her cool
But now it’s just too much
The decorations are breakable,
The only things she owns,
That are still whole and nice, 
That are still whole and nice,
That are, that are still whole and nice.

Joy to the world! The house is decorated
The boys are allowed back in!
Let every son, help when they’re older.
For now it’s just for Mom,
For now it’s just for Mom,
For now, for safety, it’s just for Mom. 

Love Mommy, 


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