The greatest thing since toaster waffles.

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,

“The Bad Cold”. It’s everywhere, it’s non-stop, it prohibits us from doing so many things, it’s hurting lots of people and all-in-all it totally sucks. I know, I hear ya. Some good things have come from being locked down for over 3 months though. The earth and all of its plants, animals and habitats have finally started to recover from us very destructive humans; people are spending more time at home with their families, and there is less rushing around and more time for people (not me) to get projects done, start new hobbies and basically smell the roses.

BUT do you know what the best thing of all is?


That’s right. The greatest thing since toaster waffles and toddler leashes has happened and Mommy is stoked.

When PC Express grocery pick-up came to be a thing, it was like an answer from the heavens. I could order my groceries on my phone and pick them up the next day without having to get any of my beloved children out of my van. The whole thing was completely life-saving. No longer did I have to figure out how to co-ordinate three crazed hyenas in to one cart and brave the 45-minute grocery shop. No longer did I have to pack my diaper bag as if we were travelling to the Himalayas for a month. No longer did I have to line up the cart in the middle of the aisle just at the right angle every time to avoid a box of Cheerios or a jar of pickles flying into someone. No longer did I have to navigate nasty grocery store washrooms because someone always had to go pee RIGHT NOW. And no longer did I have to ignore the nasty looks from all the cranky people that seemed to reside at the grocery store because I clearly could not control my kids. Which I can’t. But no need to get all “judgey” about it.

But not all stores had this option, so many times I had to put on my big girl panties and just get on with it. With this lockdown, stores had to figure out a way to stop people like me – with their multiple snot-faced minions, like you – from coming into their stores but yet still get their business. So, many places started curbside pickup. But others took it one step further….


I know, I don’t get out much. But neither do you.

We love getting our asparagus from Barrie Hill Farms, because it’s really yummy and fresh. Yes, when I say “we” I solely mean Daddy and I because heaven forbid you eat something green and healthy. So once asparagus season came along I began my strategic battle plan of how I would navigate this purchase. You can imagine my absolute and utter delight when I discovered you could drive through and pick up your asparagus. So after doing a happy dance that was a bit too jiggly for my liking, I drove through a tent, ordered my asparagus, drove to the next window, paid with a machine on a stick and then the asparagus was placed in my trunk. The process took approximately three minutes and I didn’t need to take a Valium after.


While “The Bad Cold” has sucked, there’s no two ways about it; we are fortunate as we have stayed healthy and safe through it all so far. Which is more than a lot of people can say. We are very lucky.

But it’s also a time to be grateful and boy am I grateful. Among many things such as health, family, work, shelter and Netflix, the prospect that I may not have to bring you into another store for a long time is better than pooping alone.


Love Mommy,

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