Pants are overrated.

Dear Son #1,  

So lately we’ve been doing a lot of pant-less days outside as I’m trying to convince you that diapers are not the way of the future. However, I think you’re in need of a few tips on bare-bum outdoor safety.

  1. Always use suntan lotion, there’s nothing worse than a burnt bum. 
  2. Always use bug spray, without pants you’re pretty well a bug version of a juicy hamburger. 
  3. Be aware of metal slides in the sun.
  4. Beware of the sand box. Sand gets into…ahem..everything.  
  5. When you’re skipping rope, just be careful.  
  6. Watch for splinters on the deck.
  7. Go to the bathroom prior to going in the pool please (more for your brother’s safety). 
  8. Ask Mommy to move the slide off of the bricks on to grass BEFORE you go down it. 
  9. Don’t get tangled up in the swing. 
  10. Maybe put a diaper back on for bike riding. 

Happy pant-less partying and stay safe out there! (I want grandchildren one day). 

Love Mommy,  


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