Nine Days.

Dear Son #1 & #2,  

Mommy and Daddy are home! Since you probably have no concept of time, you were at Oma’s for nine days – poor Oma – and we went to Florida for a child-free vacation. I’m not gonna lie, it was the most relaxing nine days I’ve had in a long time.  

I slept long and late, didn’t change a single diaper or wipe a single nose, was able to wear an outfit for more than a day without sporting bodily fluid smears, ate my dinner while it was still hot (breakfast and lunch too!) and didn’t once watch “Elmo Goes to the Firehouse”. 

But by the end of those nine days (okay fine, by day three), I missed you. I missed the giggles, the jokes, the snuggles and the unpredictability. I missed the diapers, the snotty noses, the bodily fluids, the cold dinners – although sorry I can’t bring myself to say I missed that horribly annoying furry red dude.  

I guess that means whatever you boys throw at me on a daily basis, I would miss it if I didn’t have to catch it anymore. 

You should note that I’m writing this now and not at the end of the week. You know, just in case I feel differently by Friday.  

Love Mommy,  


P.S. Oma, if you’re reading this it totally doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want you to babysit them again for another vacation one day… 


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