“Let’s bake together!” said no sane parent ever.

Dear Son #1,  

Sometimes, I confess, that as a parent I conjure up these ideas in my head and think it will look like something from the cover of “Today’s Parent”. Today, for example, I thought it would be a magical bonding moment to bake together. And it was, for the first 3 minutes, then not so much… 

Me: Okay buddy, just pour this cup of flour in the bowl.  

You: Flour there! 

Me: Right so now it’s half on the counter and half on the floor but no matter, we buy our flour from Costco. 

You: A mess.  

Me: Yes darling but it’s all part of the fun isn’t it? Now turn the mixer to the second speed. 

You: Pieter push button. 

Me: Yep that was the eighth speed and now there’s batter everywhere but that’s okay we’re having fun! 

You: Ptt. 

Me: Did you just spit in the batter? 

You: Yup. 

And that is why I haven’t invited you to bake with me again, I hope you understand.  

Love Mommy,  


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