Sometimes Mama needs…

Dear Son #1 & #2,  

One day I hope this post will serve your future wives/mamas of your children well – if you decide to one day get married and have children of your own that is.  

And I approve of your choice of wives.  

Because no one will be good enough you know.  


My point is, as much as you NEED that cookie, toy car, movie, diaper change…sometimes Mama has needs too. 

Sometimes Mama needs to do dishes without you clinging to her legs like a monkey. 

Sometimes Mama needs to feed you without getting breast milk coughed in her face. 

Sometimes Mama needs to listen to her music in the car, not Sharon, Lois & Bram. 

Sometimes Mama needs 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. (Okay stop laughing). 

Sometimes Mama needs to eat her food while it’s still hot and with both hands.  

Sometimes Mama needs to poop in peace.  

Sometimes Mama needs wine. 

Love you boys. 

Love Mommy,  


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